10 Reasons Why You Should Rent from Osgoode Properties!


All tenants deserve the best possible care for their apartment building. For more than 30 years, Osgoode Properties has owned and managed 5000 homes in 23 communities including Ottawa, Kingston, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Canada’s premiere property manager is dedicated to making sure every tenant has flexible access to customer service. With a reputation as one of the most trusted property management companies in Canada, Osgoode Properties prides itself in combining the most sought-after amenities with the best management practices.

Here are 10 reasons (among many) why Osgoode Properties is the right choice when renting an apartment.

1. CRB Certification

Tenants can rent with confidence knowing that every building adheres to strict standards of communication, cleanliness and security. Every Osgoode building in Ontario is a Certified Rental Building (CRB), a program launched by the Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO.)

2. Green Environmental Policy

Property managers should care about their communities. Since 2000, Osgoode Properties has participated in green initiatives to recycle, improve air quality and conserve water and energy. The company has also just had its’ entire portfolio certified by the new “Living Green Together” program by the CRB.

3. Located in the Best Neighbourhoods

Explore the city with ease. Osgoode Properties has buildings in the best neighbourhoods- including Ottawa West, Ottawa East, Ottawa South and Downtown Ottawa, as well as Gatineau, Kingston, Calgary and Edmonton- that feature shopping centres, grocery stores, parks, elementary schools and universities.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Parking

Osgoode Properties offers convenient parking options. Keep your car protected from the elements by parking indoors or keep it close by with plenty of outdoor space.

5. On-site Staff

Each Osgoode rental building has dedicated on-site staff who take pride in their work. Osgoode buildings are well-maintained inside and out, and providing courteous customer service to all residents is at the top of Osgoode’s priority list.

6. Plenty of Storage

Securely store extra furniture, clothing or appliances. Most Osgoode apartment buildings offer ample storage space to keep your belongings safe and organized.

7. Resident Pools and Lounges

Outdoor pools and resident lounges make relaxation a breeze. Many Osgoode Apartments like The Oaks in Ottawa and Westview Place in Kingston have resident amenities and facilities that are only steps away.

8. Laundry Facilities

No need to save every spare coin or haul heavy bags to a laundromat. Laundry facilities are located in every Osgoode property with the SmartCard non-coin system.

9. Sauna and Fitness Rooms

Work off the stress of a busy week. Many Osgoode properties like The Richlin in Ottawa feature saunas and fitness facilities for all residents.

10. Close to Transit

Get to where you’re going without the hassle. All tenants-especially students and professionals-can relax knowing that all Osgoode Properties are near public transit.


All tenants have the right to a clean, affordable and trustworthy property to call their home. They should also have the best value, convenient amenities and access to a variety of unique neighbourhoods. Before making the big decision of where to rent your next home, consider an apartment with Osgoode Properties.