Osgoode Properties knows how stressful moving can be. Organizing, packing and gathering supplies can seem like an up-hill battle. But with the right amount of planning, moving into a new apartment can be less stressful and more fun. After all, it’s always exciting moving into a new place.

If you’re not really sure where to begin, check out these 5 tips that will help make your move happen with ease.


  1. Plan In Advance

Don’t leave things to the last minute. Make a detailed checklist of everything you need and leave plenty of time to gather supplies. Pick a moving day well in advance and call a few weeks ahead to reserve a moving truck. If you’re not renting a truck, call some friends a few days before to confirm they will be available to help. Be sure to let your new property manager know when you’re moving in. And don’t forget to pick up your new keys!


  1. Find Out What You Dont Need

Moving is the perfect chance to see everything you own together in one area. You might be surprised by how many things you have that you never use and can leave behind. This will make packing easier and there will be less stuff to haul back and forth. Going through all of your belongings is also a good chance to find out what you do need.

  1. Avoid the Weekends

It won’t always be possible, but try to move on a weekday. You might get a better deal on a rental truck because their prices can go up on weekends. There is usually less traffic on weekdays than on weekends, and that will make it less stressful to drive a big truck through a city like Ottawa or Edmonton. Gasoline is often cheaper on weekdays so you’ll save money on refueling charges.

  1. Organize and Label Your Boxes

09-Separate your boxes by room and label each one according to the items. If you end up having a lot of boxes per room, number them to keep track of how many you have. Not only will this be helpful when deciding what stuff you no longer need, it will make unpacking simpler and faster.

  1. Save the Big Stuff for Last

When loading a rental truck, put the smaller items in first and the bigger items like furniture in last. This way the furniture will be the first thing you bring into the apartment. It will be easier to arrange the smaller items based on your furniture set up instead of rearranging everything later. Besides, since furniture and shelving units are usually the heaviest, it’s better to get them out of the way!

Everyone has their own ways of moving. Try some or all of these tips and see the difference they can make. The best tip of all: Osgoode Properties is always there to offer more help and advice.