Although Osgoode Properties has convenient parking options, many people in bigger cities decide to avoid driving a car. With prices on the rise for gasoline and public parking, it’s no surprise city dwellers decide to ride a bike, carpool or rely on public transit.

Ottawa has a wide range of options for traveling without a car. There are a variety of carpooling programs and dozens of paved pathways for cycling or walking around the city. If you would rather just sit back and enjoy the ride, Ottawa’s OC Transpo has buses that operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

There are three main benefits to cycling: saving money, improving health and protecting the environment. Ottawa is well known for its kilometres of paths and trails. Parkway Towers in western Ottawa is only minutes away from the Ottawa River Pathway that stretches along the Ottawa River towards Byward 03-Market. In central Ottawa, cycle along the historic Rideau Canal to and from Kingsview Apartments. If you’re not sure if cycling in Ottawa is right for you, consider renting a bike at Rent-a-Bike and try it for yourself. Visit the National Capital Commission’s Cycling Capital Pathways for more information about Ottawa’s cycling paths.

Carpooling is one of the most economic ways to travel when it gets too cold to cycle. Use Ottawa’s Ottawa Ride Match program to get you started. It’s free to register and gain access to drivers who are selected based on origin and destination. Drivers never charge fees except for the shared costs of gasoline and parking. Once you discuss who is driving, the route and a method of reimbursing expenses, you’re all set to start carpooling. If you do have a car, but don’t want to drive it all the way, The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario offers free carpool parking near highways and intersections throughout Ottawa.

When all you want to do is read a book, hop on an OC Transpo bus. Almost all properties in Ottawa including The Oaks and Merivale Manor have stops and transit stations nearby. When you need to transfer, simply ask the driver for a transfer slip that is good for ninety minutes of two-way travel anywhere in the city. OC Transpo also features the Presto Pass, a card that can be “loaded” at stations or online. It also allows for cheaper fares and faster boarding. Again, if you do have a car, but want to save on gasoline and parking fees, simply park at any of the many Park-and-Ride lots throughout Ottawa. Visit OC Transpo online for more information or to plan a trip.

Cars might be convenient, but TravelWise programs in Ottawa ensure everyone has access to alternative travel options. For more information about carpooling, cycling and public transit, visit the transportation page at The City of Ottawa website.