September 2014

Downtown Ottawa Neighbourhood Profile

Downtown Ottawa is unlike any other neighbourhood in a major Canadian city. With a unique blend of both commercial and residential properties, this European-style downtown core offers more than recreation and historical attractions. It also has a variety of living…

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Big living in a small apartment

Apartment living is different than house living. While there are some big apartments for those who can afford them, and some fairly small houses, most apartments are smaller than houses.And there are no garages, sheds or basements for storage. So…

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Luxury renting in Downtown Ottawa at The Juliana

Upscale living at The 07-Juliana (100 Bronson Avenue) meets the vitality of downtown Ottawa. Located in the heart of Canada’s capital, this luxurious apartment building is minutes from parks, bars, restaurants and shops, offering the best in apartment living. Osgoode…

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