One of the best things about being a student in Ottawa is the freedom to choose-especially where you’re going to live. This guide from Osgoode Properties features some of the best options for off-campus housing for students on their way to Algonquin College or Carleton University.

Many students think that securing an amazing rental is too much of an uphill battle. Let our renting tips and inside-knowledge of neighbourhood highlights put those myths to bed.

Don’t leave your search to the last minute! There are plenty of students like you looking for an apartment, so start your search as early as possible. A great thing about renting is you can choose your own roommates, like friends from high school or people already in school.

Paying for rent is no problem with two or three roommates, especially when places like Lakeview Apartments (360 Croyden Avenue) have affordable rent and most utilities included.

Make your decision wisely after a few places have c08-Aught your attention. Don’t settle on renting the first place you see. Keep a checklist of 3 or 4 apartments and be sure to visit them all. Take note on how the buildings are managed. Not all properties will be a part of the Certified Rental Building (CRB) Program like Riverton Park (89 Forward Avenue) or actively support green environmental initiatives-awesome features that make buildings stand apart. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either.

Sometimes campus residences can be isolated from the things that make cities incredible. Off-campus housing gives students better options to be closer to the things that make student life worth remembering.

Merivale Manor (1220 Merivale Road) is a perfect of example of that. Not only is it located near Baseline Road where 24-hour buses go directly to Algonquin College campus, the building has tons of features to keep students busy when they’re not hitting the books. There’s a pool, barbecue area, terrace and both indoor and outdoor parking on the property.

For students who would rather be closer to the action, The Oaks (2995 Albion Road North) is a bus ride north on Bank Street packed with pubs, bars, restaurants and shopping. The bus route will also take you toward Carleton University and University of Ottawa.

Another big plus is that even though downtown Ottawa has plenty of laundromats, you’ll never need to lug a month’s worth of dirty laundry anywhere. The Oaks, for example, has laundry facilities onsite. Say goodbye to endless flights of stairs with elevators that make moving around fast and convenient.

Osgoode Properties makes student renting in Ottawa a painless process. With an early search and a few friends, students can study while enjoying all that the city has to offer.