October 2014

Where to grab a coffee near Kingsview Apartments

Kingsview Apartments (1725 Riverside Drive) are near independent and established coffee shops that take pride in providing comfortable spaces, unique atmospheres and a delicious cup of coffee. The Osgoode Properties blog team has gathered a list of three shops within…

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Where to work out near Parkway Towers

Staying fit in the winter can be hard, but it’s never too late to start working out. Whether you’re a novice or professional trainer, the gyms and fitness centres within walking distance of Parkway Towers (1071 Ambleside Drive) can help…

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Affordable decorating for your apartment

Updating your apartment doesn’t have to cost as much as brand new furniture. With a little creativity and the right stores in Central Ottawa, residents can use art to transform their living space into a personal gallery. Here are a…

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Get to know Gatineau/Découvrir la ville de Gatineau

Gatineau is located northwest of Ottawa’s downtown core. Its quaint French neighbourhoods offer some of the most affordable housing from Osgoode Properties that everyone can take advantage of. Gatineau is known for its unique combination of affordable living, forested areas…

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Osgoode’s guide to East Ottawa

East Ottawa is a diverse neighbourhood with a range of people, places and attractions. With communities such as St. Laurent, Gloucester and Orleans calling this neighbourhood home, the natural beauty is balanced with shopping, entertainment and high-quality living at Osgoode…

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