Updating your apartment doesn’t have to cost as much as brand new furniture. With a little creativity and the right stores in Central Ottawa, residents can use art to transform their living space into a personal gallery.

Here are a few suggestions from Osgoode Properties for how to make and where to find different kinds of art to decorate your apartment.

Paint It Yourself

One of the most affordable ways to decorate your apartment is to create your own art. With just a canvas, paint and a little creativity, you can make one-of-a-kind pieces that fit the overall colour and design scheme of any room.

Art supply storeslike Michaels (2210 Bank Street) and Multi-Crafts and Gifts (2210 Thurston Drive) are where you can find everything you need for a do-it-yourself painting. Oil and acrylic paints have a thick, dark texture, but water-based paint is less expensive and dries faster. Remember that you don’t have to be a master artist to paint minimalist or abstract designs that perfectly suit your taste.

Home Furnishing Retailers

Not everyone is ready to tackle a blank canvas, so there are plenty of options if you’d prefer to buy works that are ready to hang. Home furnishing stores like HomeSense (1501 Innes Road) and Ikea (2685 Iris Street) have more than just furniture, they also carry a wide selection of accessories including framed reproduced art. Just browse their stores or online to find paintings of various sizes and tastes that fit your decorating theme. The advantages of shopping at well-known retail stores are selection, price range, discounts and delivery services for residents without a car.

Thrift Stores

By far the most inexpensive art can be found at your neighbourhood Value Village (1824 Bank Street) near the corner of Walkley Road and Bank Street. And there are also a few other locations in Ottawa.

You 05-May be surprised by what items you can find in the home section of thrift stores and how little they cost. Framed paintings, canvas art, photographs and everything in between are often hiding among the aisles of clothes and furniture. Thrift stores like Value Village and theSalvation Army (2659 Alta Vista Drive) are a great source for affordable art that you can use as is or for your own DIY design projects.

Decorating your rental apartment is about finding art that reflects your personal tastes and ideas. It can be a fun and creative process, with the many options in Central Ottawa,West and East Ottawa available for you to find affordable artwork and DIY supplies.