Kingsview Apartments (1725 Riverside Drive) are near independent and established coffee shops that take pride in providing comfortable spaces, unique atmospheres and a delicious cup of coffee. The Osgoode Properties blog team has gathered a list of three shops within walking distance of your apartment.


Cafe Ninety 797 Main Street

Cafe Ninety 7 is a beautiful independent cafe on the corner of Main Street and Lees, thirty minutes on foot from Kingsview Apartments. Situated in a converted heritage house on the east edge of downtown Ottawa, Cafe Ninety 7 is both spacious yet cozy, offering a home-like atmosphere and quality customer service.

Drinks, snacks and lunches like the smoked salmon bagel are prepared in store with care. Everything from cappuccinos to lattes are brewed with fair-trade, locally roasted beans. Expect artists showcasing their work and storytelling nights on a regular basis. Students can have free wifi, a panini and drink of their choice for only $5 every day of the week.

Tim Hortons – 1583 Alta Vista Drive

Tim Hortons is practically a Canadian institution. Famous for their double-double coffees, Tim Hortons has added specialty beverages and delicious menu items that keep customers coming back year after year.

Muffins, bagels, donuts, sandwiches and steeped teas have become staples at every location in Ottawa. Trust Tim Hortons to satisfy your every need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The nearest location is on the edge of Dale Park, a 20-minute walk north-east of Kingsview Apartments.

Coalyard Cafe170 Lees Avenue

Coalyard Cafe is a brand new coffee shop west of the Rideau River, minutes from the corner of Lees Avenue and Chestnut Street. Customer service is their top priority and they ensure every guest has access to a healthy and delicious menu in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Go to Coalyard for organic, locally roasted fair-trade beans, paninis and fresh salads for a regular low price. The staff is always accommodating and allows students and professionals to take their time as they enjoy beverages or snacks and catch up on work.

You don’t have to travel far from Kingsview Apartments (1725 Riverside Drive) to have a great cup of coffee, so enjoy some java at one of these local coffee shops today.