Choosing a good apartment building to call home can be difficult. But the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario(FRPO) have made finding a reputable landlord and well-maintained property much easier, thanks to its Certified Rental BuildingProgram (CRBP.) This residential housing initiative is the first quality assurance program of its kind in North America, andlaunched in June 2008.

Residents and prospective tenants across Ontario can now have peace of mind and rent with confidence when selecting theirhome in a building that has met the rigorous requirements of the CRBP.This includes a requirement that each Property Managerand the respective building staff have successfully demonstrated compliance with the program’s Standards of Practice, including the following items:

• Strict adherence to regular building cleaning schedules
• Effective communications with tenants when building repairs are necessary
• Properly maintained elevators
• Adherence to provincial fire and building codes
• Well-maintained heating and cooling equipment
• Annual suite inspections
• Continuous education for staff
• Tenant information stored in compliance with privacy regulations
• Emergency contact information provided to tenants

The CRBP assures tenants they are choosing a well-run, well-managed building when they select their home in a Certified RentalBuilding. The program ensures that each successfully certified building practices over 36 established building management and customer service standards. When choosing one of these certified buildings, people are also selecting a Property Manager andstaff that care about the quality of their building and the quality of service provided to its’ residents.

The Program provides its’ members with a consistent set of standards that represent good value in rental housing for consumers.Landlords who obtain the designation have met a rigorous set of”best practices” covering a wide range of criteria specific tooperating a residential rental facility. Once obtained, the buildings are able to display the Certified Rental Building logo. Audits also continue after the property has obtained the designation.

In February 2009, Osgoode Properties became one of the first landlords to have all of its’ Ontario rental properties certified. Lookfor the CRB logo at our Ottawa and Kingston properties.