February 2015

Finding food for any diet near The Richlin

Millions of people don’t eat gluten, meat, eggs or dairy for health or personal reasons. As people customize their eating habits to include only vegan and vegetarian products, they actively seek shops and markets in their neighbourhood where everything is…

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Fabulous farmers™ markets near Riverton Park

Grocery stores are usually stocked with everything you need to cook a delicious meal. For fresh, local and organic ingredients you can’t always find at your neighbourhood grocer, here are four farmers’ markets near Riverton Park (89 Forward Avenue) to…

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Learn something new near The Rockcliffe Arms

Are you looking to pick up a new hobby this winter? There are good reasons other than professional and educational advancement to enrich your life with new experiences. Lifelong learning helps you develop new skills, meet new people and explore…

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How to see Ottawa’s museums on a budget

Ottawa is home to a number of popular museums.Each one offers residents first-hand experiences of national and international culture from history, science and art. The Osgoode Properties blog team has put together a roundup of Ottawa’s museums that everyone can…

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