Are you looking to pick up a new hobby this winter? There are good reasons other than professional and educational advancement to enrich your life with new experiences. Lifelong learning helps you develop new skills, meet new people and explore Beechwood Village, the home of The Rockcliffe Arms (124 Springfield Road).

Try these engaging classes in creative art, writing, dance and other subjects available only minutes from your Osgoode Properties apartment.

NECTAR – 255 MacKay Street

The programs available for all ages at the New Edinburgh Community and Arts Centre (NECTAR) are impressive. NECTAR dedicates itself to providing the best classes and activities for adults and seniors who want to learn oil painting, ballroom dancing for seniors and creative non-fiction writing for all ages. NECTAR is on the corner of McKay Street and Dufferin Road, a 10-minute walk southwest of The Rockcliffe Arms. All are welcome and no previous experience is required.

St-Laurent Complex – 525 Cote Street

The St-Laurent Complex is near the Cote Street and St. Laurent Boulevard intersection, south of The Rockcliffe Arms. They have over 30 registered courses t08-Aught by certified professionals in their respective fields. There are six language courses alone where adults and seniors can learn entry-level English, French and Spanish. Learning a new language will come in handy if you’re planning any trips, and so will their two levels of creative photography available for adults and seniors.

Overbrook Community Centre – 33 Quill Street

Learning to paint or speak a new language is good for the mind, but new skills for the body are just as important. The Overbrook Community Centre teaches 03-Marui Ryu martial arts for adults. The informal class is perfect for beginners to learn how to strike, lock their joints and manipulate their momentum for effective self-defence. The class invites beginners, but the Jiu Jitsu techniques apply to all levels for residents looking to brush up their skills. Find Overbrook near the Vanier Parkway and Queen 03-Mary Street intersection, south of The Rockcliffe Arms.

Studying online at your apartment is not always the best way to learn a new skill. Even today, nothing compares to hands on, face-to-face learning with professional instructors. Use your downtime to learn something new near The Rockcliffe Arms (124 Springfield Road).