Millions of people don’t eat gluten, meat, eggs or dairy for health or personal reasons. As people customize their eating habits to include only vegan and vegetarian products, they actively seek shops and markets in their neighbourhood where everything is conveniently available.


That’s why Osgoode Properties has gathered three suggestions for residents of The Richlin (1500 Walkley Road) to find nutritious food for any diet.


Ottawa Organic Farmers’ 03-Market – Bank Street and Heron Road


Farmers’ markets are an incredible resource for fresh and organic vegetables, fruits, breads and dairy. Most people think they are open only during the summer and fall, but the Ottawa Organic Farmers’ 03-Market is open year-round, beginning in early January. Whatever it is, one of the over 50 vendors will have it.


Raw and gluten-free foods, nuts and seeds, canned preserves, organic soaps and health books are all available for affordable prices. Vegans and vegetarians will have no trouble finding the right foods at this market behind the Canadian Tire on the corner of Bank Street and Heron Road, a 20-minute walk from The Richlin.


Whole Foods 03-Market – 951 Bank Street


Whole Foods 03-Market is one of the best shops for residents with special diets. They believe in providing a variety of local, healthy and globally sustainable products that adhere to the highest standards of quality.


What really sets this market apart is their wide selection of products for people with gluten sensitivity, celiac disease or other autoimmune disorders. Residents will have no trouble finding the food they love without a trace of gluten. Everything from gluten-free breads, body care products and candy is available every day of the year. Find the brand new location at the corner Bank Street and Homewood Avenue in central Ottawa.


Produce Depot – 2446 Bank Street


It’s good to know your local grocer is doing their part to offer fresh, organic food. The Produce Depot mainly specializes in produce, fruit, nuts and wheat. Vegetarians can also pick up a variety of cheeses like brie and provolone.


Weekly specials are available at the The Produce Depot. Residents can save money on more items like pomegranates, bartlett pears and orange peppers. Visit their website to see the Recipe Box and learn how to combine fresh ingredients for new meals. The nearest location to The Richlin is at Bank Street and Hunt Club, twenty minutes south on OC Transpo.


Residents of The Richlin (1500 Walkley Road) can eat fresh, local and nutritious food no matter your diet or the time of year. Explore these three markets to keep your vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diets going strong.