Make your rental property chic, stylish, and homey with our

5 foolproof and purse-friendly design tricks!


Best of all, they can all be taken with you when you move on.

Follow these simple tips to revamp your place, courtesy of RENTCafé Apartments.

1. Wow with Wall Stickers

Decorating restrictions might rule out hanging up a panel of beautiful wallpaper or refreshing a room with new paint, but you can create just as much impact with removable, self-adhesivewall stickers and decals. They are simple to put up (no brushes, pasting table, or paint required) simple to take down, and come in a huge array of designs for every room in the house, be it an enchanting, woodland scene, fluttering, flower petals, a vintage-style birdcage or a graphic, urban skyline. Yes, the internet is packed with budget-friendly, durable wall stickers which can: a) be swapped if you get bored of them, and b) won’t leave any sort of residue behind (and that will definitely put a smile on your landlord’s face).

Image via ModernWallDecal on Etsy

If you have a little more of a budget, how about going to town with a removable, adhesive wallpaper or wall mural, and banish plain white, boring ‘renter’ walls for good. (Alternatively, transform the insides of cupboards, wardrobes, and bookcases with a panel of wallpaper: permanent if it’s your furniture or removable if it’s built-in and staying put).


2. Get Creative with Storage

Built-in bookcases and storage walls are probably a no-no when it comes to renting, so it’s time to get clever with your stuff. Plump for freestanding and modular shelving units, sideboards, and cupboards that can be moved around from room to room and taken with you if you move on. And don’t just stick to the tried-and-tested, shop-bought pieces! Explore your creative side by using a stack of old suitcases as a quirky side table (and fill up with items that you don’t need on a daily basis) or transform wooden pallets into a chic, rustic coffee table.

Image via Homedit


A stack of concrete breeze blocks make for an edgy bedside surface while old filing cabinets and crates can be overhauled with a bold lick of enamel paint and off-cut panels of retro wallpaper, so you get storage with a smile.


Image via Housetohome

3. Get Arty

Okay, so if rental rules and regulations prevent you from hanging up pictures, it’s time to think outside the box, and find other, landlord-friendly ways of displaying your treasured photos and artwork that won’t leave unsightly holes and marks on walls. Because, there really is no better or budget-happier trick to add personality and make your rental property feel like a home than with sketches, canvases, photographs, and even postcards and posters peppering your abode.

If you have a giant-sized mirror, canvas, or framed paintings consider propping them against an unused wall (hallways and living rooms are a good spot); picture ledges are useful, too, for creating your very own gallery-at-home, although you will need to ask if holes can be drilled before you start curating!


Image via Ideas to Steal


Channel your artistic side in other ways by hanging a beautiful vintage dress from a cupboard door or on a picture rail, and drape glittering, costume jewels and colorful beads around a mannequin. A small, unassuming length of ribbon or plain string will barely make any sort of mark and can be used to peg up retro postcards, beautiful fabric swatches, and old black-and-white photos for your very own evolving mood and memory board.

Image via Wonderlustandstardust


4. Add Texture

Don’t dismiss bare walls and floors as boring and dull, and, instead, embrace your blank canvas with newfound, creative energy by layering with texture and color. If you have stripped floorboards or an uninspiring carpet, simply cover up with a big, beautiful rug or several mini carpets throughout each room. Plump for a huge, neutral carpet in hardwearing jute or sisal that will blend in with any scheme; or, if you’re a color fan, go all out on bold, flamboyant designs in jewel-bright hues and graphic prints.

Image via Planete-Deco


A plain sofa or chair can also be given a new lease of life with a pile of cushions and bolsters; try a rainbow of block hues, a clash of stripes and florals or feel-good linens in a bleached, coastal palette. If your cushion pads are in good condition, simply buy new covers, or if you’re a dab hand with the sewing machine, try running up your own using fabric swatches and vintage offcuts of pretty materials.


Image via Decor8


5. Change your Lighting

Bare bulbs and shabby light fixtures be gone! In fact, lighting is such a key element of our homes, both functionally and decoratively, that’s important to get it right from the start. Scour the high street and web for gorgeous shades and pendants that can be picked up cheaply and will transform every room in the house, including hallways and kitchens (and move with you if you leave). Followers of vintage-style interiors won’t go wrong with a glittering chandelier overhead, bedecked with clear glass droppers, or a flamboyant, multi-colored version for a touch of boho chic (do make sure the scale of the light is appropriate to the size of your room though).

For a more modern, Scandi look, however, try a fuss-free, drum pendant either in a plain colorway or a simple, graphic pattern and seek out cheap and cheerful table lamps so you can instill ambience at the touch of a button (a retro-style anglepoise lamp will work wonders, not only in an office space, but everywhere in the home).


Image via Frk Elton


Last but not least, don’t forget to sprinkle your home with candles for instant mood and magic. Group big clusters of plain, church candles, rows of tealights in the prettiest glass holders and scented jars so your home smells good all day (just don’t forget to blow them out when you leave!).