Meet Sandy

The newly appointed Assistant Controller for Osgoode Properties – Sandy has worked with the company for over six years. She is alsoa wife and amotherof two children agedseven and eleven. We took a few momentstogether to chat about her career and herlife. Here’s what she had to say:

On New Year’s Resolutions:

“You can spend your time comparing yourself to other people, but I’m just working on being a better version of myself.”

On being an Accountant:

“I always wanted to work in a mid-size company, I didn’t want to work in the public sector like most accountants – I wanted to be part of a team! To me, being an accountant just made sense, balancing makes sense. I enjoy this type of environment and being able to be a type of support for my team, bouncing ideas off of each other andlearning and growing from it. Many people have this misconception that accountants are boring but in reality, being in this industry you have to be open to change. Yardi,our software program,has changed twice since I’ve been with Osgoode; accountants must stay up to date with technologies and trends.”

On Life Lessons:

“Years back I went through a tough time and my husband reminded me that I wasn’t that same person anymore and I can move forward. Instilling that support helped build my confidence that I have today – that has even helped me in my new role.”

On Hobbies

“I enjoy reading a lot, hanging out with my family, and watching movies. I also teach Sunday school at my church.”

Congratulations on your new position! We are very lucky at Osgoode Properties to have so many hard working and talented people working in our Head Office team!