As January comes to an end, it’s a great reminder to stay focused and stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions. One-way to do this is to start a new project and what better project than sprucing up your home.

“Trends” is a term we hear a lot lately everywhere from magazines to social media. At the end of every year the trendsetters cast their predictions for what will be in for the upcoming year. While most of us are familiar with the term, let us examine what it really means. A trend is usually what is in style at a certain time – this can be from fashion to décor and all the way up to entertainment. Here at Osgoode Properties, we love to stay up to date on trends and are excited to help our residents in creating their dream home. We have complied a list of a few must have trends for 2016. Check them out:



According to Benjamin Moore the colour for 2016 is simple white. As they say on their website, “Get innovative with layered whites, diffused in light and ambience surrender to the complexity of white. In this abstract artist’s townhouse, the interplay of whites and light creates nuance and subtle beauty.”An easy way to incorporate this trend is to update your bedroom with new beddings in simple white hues.









Black wallpapers anyone? This is not a joke! According to Apartment Therapy, black wallpaper is the latest trend taking over in 2016. “Black walls both ground a space, and provide the perfect backdrop against which other colors really stand out. Bright, sunlit spaces in particular can handle all the darkness, and become cozier instead of claustrophobic.” An easy way to use this trend is to start with using a small space that already has a lot of light. A good example would be an office space or bathroom. The dark contrast will give a much needed pop to any small room.







Another great suggestion from Apartment Therapy for 2016 is bold mismatched prints. Mismatched minimalism. Minimalism, of course, has been big for a long time, but this is a different kind of minimalism, a look that mixes new and old elements, and 05-Maybe a little bit of texture, for a clean but inviting space.” A simple way of making this trend your own start with a simple, colourful piece art. It will bring your living room that added touch it needs. Try places like Ikea or Homesense for those one of kind deals that won’t break the bank.






When it comes to trends, for 2016 the trend is simplicity at its finest with an added touch of colour. Impress your friends and family with these cool ideas and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Your home should be your favourite place to be!