Did somebody say desserts? Check out the largest North American Dessert festival at Aberdeen Pavilionthis 06-June 11th & 06-June 12th, 2016! Bring the whole family and a sweet tooth! There will be tons of vendors serving and slicing one of kind treats. See fan favourites like Artisan Bakery, Suzy Q & Signature to just to name a few. Dessertfest is all about fun! Kids can burn off their energy with many activities in the kid zone. While the kids are off playing, adults can mingle and enjoy candy cocktails. The Adults-Only event is on 06-June 11, 2016 between 8pm – 12am with a DJ, drinks and desserts. Tickets start at $10.00 online and $15.00 at the door.Dessert sample tickets can be purchase on site $10.00 for a sheet.

Go ahead and treat yourself Dessertfest is the ultimate cheat day!

For more information visit www.dessertfestivale.com.