A little bit about Gabryelle:

“My name is Gabryelle; I’m a mom with two kids. I have really young kids – my oldest is 3 years old and my youngest is 2. I love being a mom, I just love it!”

Her career at Osgoode Properties:

“I started working at Osgoode Properties in 2009, before that I was painter. I worked as a contractor for Osgoode Properties and became friends with the Building Manager. While I was a painter I worked as a Store Manager for Ultramar. The Building Manager then asked if I was interested in being a part-time Rental Agent since they had an opening and she thought I was a great candidate. The rest is sort of history – I eventually became a full time Rental Agent in Gatineau and then transferred to a Call Centre Agent. ”

In the next Five Years:

“In the next five years I see myself becoming a Building Manager. This summer I will be taking a break from the Call Centre and heading to Le Salaberry to cover the current Building Manager while she is on leave. It’s a great chance to see if I still have what it takes!”

On hobbies and downtime:

“I love to bake! Making cakes and getting creative with decorating them. I love to hang out with my kids and family and watch Netflix.”

Best part of her day:

“As a Call Centre Agent the best part of my day is getting to help prospects find their next home. We get to guide them through Osgoode Properties locations from Ottawa, Gatineau to Kingston. I get to help out with Purchase Orders and Osgoode’s Pinterest page, I love my job!”