For information regarding your rights as a tenant in Ontario, please visit the Landlord and Tenant Board website at



If you are bringing a completed Rental Application Form to one of our site offices, please also print out and bring in a completed PIPEDA Reference Consent Form and the Insurance Addendum.



While your landlord has insurance for the building, you need insurance for your own apartment. Your own possessions and furniture belong to you. They are not covered by your landlord’s building insurance. Additionally, should your building be severely damaged by fire or windstorm, your landlord is not required to find temporary housing for you.

Your lease also requires that you carry Tenants Insurance to protect the building and visitors against possible damage or injury due to your accidents. If a visitor to your home falls and is injured, or if a simple accident in your home causes significant damage to your building, you can and will be held personally financially responsible.

Having your own tenants insurance policy is the only way to fully protect yourself.

(ZipSure –

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