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5 Secrets to Being the Best Neighbour In the Building

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With 40 years of experience raising the bar on rental living at Osgoode Properties, we’ve learned that being a good neighbour is essential to building a happy and pleasant community. 

It sounds so obvious, but being friendly, respectful, and helpful to those around you can make a huge difference in your quality of life. You don’t need to become besties with everyone on your floor, but getting along with those around you will help you (and your neighbours) feel more at home.   

We’re sharing our top five secrets to being the best neighbour in the building!

1. Break The Ice

Simply put, you can't build a strong community without talking to each other. Take a minute to greet your neighbours when you see them in the hallway, strike up a conversation in the elevator, or extend a good old fashioned hello when you're out walking your dog.

Communication goes beyond just being friendly. It's also important to be willing to have difficult conversations with your neighbours when necessary. If someone is being too loud, it's much better to address the issue directly and respectfully than to stew in silence and let the problem fester.


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2. Do Unto Others (The Golden Rule)  

While friendliness and communication go a long way, so do boundaries and privacy. This means being mindful of noise levels, not intruding on one another’s personal space, and being aware of when it's appropriate to approach someone and when it's not.

If you know your neighbour across the hall works from home and needs quiet during the day, don’t let Fido bark insistently. Similarly, if your next door neighbour has young children who go to bed early, think twice about hanging your family photos in the evening! 

3. Spread Positivity

One of the best ways to build a strong, neighbourly community is to be willing to offer help and support to your neighbours when they need it. Is Betty, your 70-year-old neighbour, struggling with her groceries? Lend a hand! Or, hold the door for a resident who is fumbling for their keys.

Being a good neighbour isn't just about what you get out of the relationship – it's also about what you give. By being supportive and helpful to those around you, you'll be contributing to a more positive and harmonious living environment for everyone.


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4. Bring Neighbours Together

Ready to earn the award for best neighbour in the building? Organize community events! This could be as simple as hosting a potluck dinner in the common area or as involved as planning a building-wide holiday party.

The key is to find activities that will bring people together and encourage them to get to know each other in a casual, low-pressure setting. It’s also a great way to foster friendships and build a sense of camaraderie among your neighbours.

5. Be The Change

Being proactive, rather than reactive, when issues arise in the building means being willing to speak up when you notice something that needs to be addressed. It also means working with your neighbours and building management to find a solution. Is your neighbour piling their trash on the floor? Offer a friendly reminder of the proper protocol for disposal.

Being proactive in problem-solving can help prevent small issues from turning into major conflicts. It can also help build trust and respect among your neighbours, as they'll see that you're committed to making the building a better place for everyone.


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Master The Art of Being a Great Neighbour

Here are even easier ways to be the best neighbour you can be: 

  • Be mindful of your own behavior and how it may impact others
  • Be open to feedback and willing to make changes to improve your relationships
  • Be respectful of others' cultural backgrounds and beliefs
  • Be willing to compromise when necessary to find solutions that work for everyone

Being a good neighbour is about more than just being friendly and saying hello in the hallway – it's about building a strong community where people feel comfortable, respected, and supported. You never know what kind of positive impact you might have on those around you!
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