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From Blank Slate to Home Sweet Home: How To Set Up Your First Apartment

Living in your first apartment is an exciting milestone filled with endless possibilities and a touch of apprehension. It's your chance to transform a blank canvas into a personalized sanctuary that reflects your style, personality, and needs. But where do you start? From selecting furniture, dishware, and bedding to picking your colour schemes and vibes,…

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The Osgoode Properties Guide to Understanding Rent Control in Ontario

Rent control is a policy tool developed by governments to regulate the amount of money landlords can charge their tenants for rental accommodation. Woven into the fabric of Canada's current housing landscape, with threads of stability and affordability, rent control is designed to protect today’s renters by setting limits to how much their landlords can…

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Deck the Halls with Osgoode Properties: Holiday Decorating Tips for Apartments

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…" As the familiar melody of holiday songs fills the air, an undeniable sense of warmth and festivity sweeps through the season. Osgoode Properties recognizes the magic that accompanies the “decking of the halls”, so we’re here with a sleigh-full of holiday decorating tips…

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Osgoode Properties 2023 Recap: A Year of Residential Evolution

As we get ready to step into 2024, we're reflecting on the construction projects that have helped redefine residential living for Osgoode Properties residents this past year. From elegant suite conversions to modern office upgrades and green initiatives, we're implementing changes and upgrading spaces to leave an indelible mark on our residential rentals. Here are…

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