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Osgoode Properties’ Guide for Hosting Dinner Parties in Small Spaces - Osgoode Properties Blog

Osgoode Properties’ Guide for Hosting Dinner Parties in Small Spaces

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At Osgoode Properties, we believe that even the coziest of spaces can be transformed into the perfect setting for a memorable dinner party. Hosting an intimate gathering in a small space can allow for closer interactions and a warm, friendly ambiance. It can also mean less pressure for you, the host, to create an extravagant or elaborate affair, putting your guests at ease in a more informal and quaint setting.

Don’t let minimal square footage restrict how you bring your friends and family together. Take advantage of your compact living area with our step-by-step guide to hosting an unforgettable dinner party in a smaller space!

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Step 1: Plan and Curate Your Guest List

Before you choose your dinner napkins and dessert, begin by carefully curating your guest list. Since space is limited, invite only a handful of close friends or family members who will enjoy the company of one another.  Selecting guests who share common interests or have good chemistry, for example, will create a friendly atmosphere and help keep the dinner conversation flowing. Keep in mind seating arrangements and the overall capacity of your space to ensure everyone feels comfortable throughout the night.

Step 2: Get Creative With Seating Arrangements  

Maximize your seating arrangements with multi-purpose furniture. Opt for collapsible or stackable chairs that can be easily stowed when not in use (hello, storage lockers!). Consider small ottomans for additional seating. If you have a small dining table, extend its surface with a foldable table to accommodate more guests. The goal here is to create a space where everyone feels included and can participate in conversations without feeling cramped. 

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Step 2 Alternative: Go Buffet Style

Not sure if arranged seating is the way to go? Consider serving dinner as a buffet to save space on the dining table and allow guests to serve themselves. Arrange the buffet on a separate table to encourage guests to flow through your space, then continue through to your living room or seating area where they can indulge—then return for seconds! 

Step 3: Simplify Your Table Setting (The K.I.S.S. Rule)

Keep it simple, silly. When hosting a dinner party in a smaller space, keep your table setting simple and elegant. Choose compact tableware, such as smaller plates and stemless glasses to save space. Pick table decorations that are low-profile, allowing your guests to see and interact with one another easily. Think minimalistic with neutral colour palettes, natural elements (who doesn’t love a touch of greenery?), and a clutter-free vibe. Make those dishes the focal point of the night!

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Step 4: Make Use of Outdoor Spaces

If you’re living in an Osgoode Properties rental with access to a small outdoor area, consider extending your dinner party to the great outdoors. Set up a cozy seating arrangement with weather-resistant furniture and charming outdoor lighting—solar twinkle lights are always a cute choice! A change of scenery can add a refreshing touch to your intimate gathering, and fresh air has been known to create a healthy appetite.

The true essence of hosting a dinner gathering isn’t restricted to the grandeur of the setting, but rather encompasses the joy of bonding with your friends and family in your own space. It may be small, but it can be mighty! Cheers to hosting an extraordinary dinner party in your cozy home.

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