Investing in Our People

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“The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed” – Adam Grant

Osgoode Properties is committed to investing in our people because we know that investing in our staff is our most effective way to continue to grow as an organization, as professionals and as providers of rental homes. While the list of why we have committed to ongoing professional development and learning is long, our top 3 reasons for doing so are:

  • Educated staff is our most valuable resource – we hire great people and want to retain them.
  • Increases happiness and engagement in employees who then provide better customer service – and we are all about customer service.
  • Keeps employees knowledgeable about industry best-practices.

Osgoode has three legs to our learning stool that ensure our staff are growing in their knowledge, skill and personal effectiveness:

  • Self-Directed: Osgoode Properties has a generous continuous education policy and awards staff for pursuing their own learning
  • Internal: Osgoode Properties internal Training Department is staffed with two full time trainers who provide extensive onboarding and support our staff in their current roles as well as preparing them to take on new responsibilities and positions within the company.
  • External: We partner with external training groups to provide professional development, management and wellness training to our staff

One external trainer that we work with extensively is the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) and this week we partner with them to send a third class of Osgoode employees from Ontario, Quebec and Alberta to study for and obtain their Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) designation. The ARM designation indicates a specialist in site management and is awarded to professionals who complete rigorous course work and demonstrate commitment and excellence in the field of property management.

Once complete they will join the 24 other ARM’s that have already completed this Osgoode sponsored program helping to ensure that we maintain the highest level of excellence in operating rental homes and providing the best experience possible for our residents.

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