Osgoode Properties and CHEO – Homegrown Hero Contest Winners

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This year Osgoode Properties is proud to partner with CHEO to celebrate essential service workers in Eastern Ontario and Quebec.  We asked for your help to pick four essential service workers to send to CHEO’s virtual For The Kids Gala.  We loved reading your thoughtful entries!

Here are our Homegrown Hero Winners:

Orchid B. – COVID Screener Ottawa Hospital

“Orchid is a Screener who provides Covid Relief to one of our Ottawa Hospitals. When Covid hit, while everyone was starting to transition to a work from home setting, Orchid took it upon herself to apply for a job where she would directly assist her community. She screens everyone from staff to visitors and has also assisted in the outbreak units while wearing full PPE.”

Sharon R. – Cleaner Retirement Home

“My husband is in a retirement home and I have come to highly respect one woman who comes to work every day despite the risks. More than a third of the residents in this home tested positive for Covid and over a dozen residents past away.

Sharon works exceedingly hard from early morning to late in the day, cleaning rooms, changing linens and lugging heavy bags of garbage to the disposal area. She is always cheerful and helpful. Although she may appear to many as 'invisible' as she quietly goes about her essential work, I know she is really bolstered by the too rare 'thank you's' she receives because she always expresses her gratitude. She is definitely an unsung hero in my books.”

Christine B. – Food Service Long Term Care

“Christine’s specialty is making people happy. She is a straight talking, hard working specialist in food service. After working for years as the ‘lunch lady’ at the local high school managing the kitchen, she transferred to a food service position at a school closer to her home. When the pandemic hit, the schools closed. Rather than let that situation get her down, she chose to go where the need was the greatest and quickly found employment in long term care. Long term care was a sector that was struggling, but that didn’t deter Christine. With her experience and passion, she fit right into the close knit team in her new position in dietary service in long term care, quickly learning the new routines on site. Christine returned to school, taking sector appropriate courses, skill updates, and practicing necessary infection prevention protocols. She often works more than the scheduled hours, picking up extra hours to ensure that every resident in long term care gets their hot meal and snacks. Many residents speak of her easygoing personality and her smile that brighten their day. Her colleagues often seek her out for her expertise. Christine is part of a hardworking team that delivers a consistently high quality product to residents in long term care.”

Janet E. – Nurse

“Janet is a nurse specializing in nursing management, specifically in long term care. When the COVID 2nd wave started, Janet started working at the Ottawa Hospital at the Brewer Covid-19 Assessment Center. Her role consists of assessment of symptomatic patients, swabbing all patients, and processing swabs for testing.  Her work is so appreciated!”

Rory C. and Sharon M. – Doctors

“Rory and Sharon are a pair of amazing doctors that have chosen to share their talents with Ottawa!

Rory is an emergency physician known for his cool under pressure attitude and patient-centered approach to care. At the beginning of the pandemic, patients with COVID were often showing up at the emergency room before our city put different protocols in place. Rory assisted in caring for them and many other patients whose ailments still needed care despite the pandemic.

Sharon is an oncologist and researcher at the Ottawa Hospital. Sharon had to quickly change the treatment plan for many of her patients as surgeries were cancelled and she was no longer able to see her patients as frequently. Both physicians have worked incredibly hard during COVID and could use a bit of joy in being celebrated for their work!

The couple welcomed their first child in December 2020, and it would delight me to no end if they got to be selected as the winners so they could enjoy a fancy night in at the Gala…because we all know new parents don’t get out much! ”

Danielle S. – Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Royal Ottawa Hospital

“I am nominating Danielle as a Homegrown Hero for her unrelenting commitment to keeping the patients and staff at The Royal Ottawa Hospital safe during this pandemic. Some though certainly not all of her achievements over the past year include:

  • Implementing an electronic screening platform for daily staff use
  • Leading the infection prevention and control team through the pandemic with no road map
  • Managing and responding to daily and ongoing crisis
  • Helping to develop education for staff related to PPE and infection control practices

Her daily efforts have helped keep countless people safe over the past year and have enabled the critical mental health programs run at The Royal to keep running.”

We also have the pleasure of sending two of our own Homegrown Heroes.  Our Superintendents have kept our buildings safe for our residents and staff.

Dave from Rockcliffe Arms

Here’s what Danielle (Property Manager of Rockcliffe) had to say about Dave:

The tenants turned to Dave for reassurance and seeing him in the building every day without fail always with a smile on his face made them feel confident that Osgoode Properties and The Rockcliffe Arms were doing their best to keep them safe.  

Cedric from The Oaks

Here’s what Kim (Property Manager of The Oaks) had to say about Cedric:

Cedric has continued to show a positive presence during the pandemic and is always willing to help everyone.  He is someone we can rely on!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL our Homegrown Heroes for the work you do every day!



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