How to Set-Up Your Apartment for Successful Back-to-School Routines

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This is the time of year when it can be difficult to adjust to school schedules after the lazy days of summer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re headed back to college or your kids to elementary school, a sure way to start the year off right is with getting back to a routine that let’s you thrive. First though, you need to make sure your apartment is set-up for success! 

Thriving at school starts at home with good habits – day and night – but even in smaller spaces you can carve out areas that are important to the success of your day, accounting for morning routines, homework time and bedtime. Take the time to refresh your space. It will help you stick to your plan!

Have a Designated Place to Study and Do Homework

Doing your homework on your bed or on your couch is the easiest way to get distracted. Setting up a designated study space not only puts you in the right headspace, but in makes it easier to establish routines and maintain them. Have storage for all the supplies you’ll need – paper, pens, crayons – and ensure you also have good light. Try to position your workspace so that you’re not facing any potential distractions. Read our blog Apartment Living: Small Workspace Essentials for more tips.

An Organized Closet Saves Time 

No matter the age, people often get hung up on what to wear. Help make your mornings a success by organizing your closet so you can start the day off right. There are lots of clever tips and tricks for apartment living as well as storage containers available to help you come up with the perfect option for your space. There are tonnes of brilliant storage solution for clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Have Healthy Snacks and Good Food in Plain Sight

Having good snacks readily available goes beyond meal planning. When packing lunches and grabbing quick snacks when you get home, make sure food is easily accessible to make it fast and ensure you’re getting the right nutrients. Just search Pinterest for anything from “self-serve snack station” to “tips to organize back-to-school lunches”. It’s a plethora of genius ideas!

Create a “Command Centre” in a Highly Visible Place

Creating a space to display a schedule, important papers and homework will help your household run smoothly. It could be on a wall by the door, the fridge or by your workspace set-up. Your command center should include a calendar and a place for paper management. Other items to include are a white board, charging station, hooks, and keys.

The bottom line is, getting back into the swing of things doesn’t have to be difficult – it can actually be fun to prepare for all the new beginnings to come! It’s the perfect time to get excited about refreshing your apartment. No matter the size of your home, the secret to success this season is to carve out spaces specifically targeted to help you thrive with both your scholarly and personal growth this school year!

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