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How to Spice Up Your Apartment on a Budget

How to Spice Up Your Apartment on a Budget

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Learning how to decorate on a budget is a great skill to master! Not only will it help you to save money, but it will also allow you to tap into your creative skills – whether it means trying a DIY project or making a piece you’ve had forever feel brand new!

Want to spice up your apartment on a budget? We’ve put together a few tips on decorating and elevating your space while sticking to your budget!

Invest in Neutrals
When it comes to furniture, if you do need to purchase large pieces, it’s best to invest in neutral coloured furniture like a couch and bed frame made of solid materials, so it will be a lot easier to update the look and feel of your space by simply swapping out the smaller items.

Shop Your Own Home
Sometimes a piece that no longer works in your living room will look much better in your bedroom! When redecorating, make the most of the items that you already own. Try swapping your art pieces or photos from room to room, and relocate other items like throw pillows and lamps, to switch up your space without spending a dime.

Create an Atmosphere
In the home, atmosphere is everything. Candles are an affordable way to add a warm and fuzzy feeling to your space, providing a source of dreamy light and coziness. Another way to make any apartment feel more welcoming is to introduce greenery. Whether it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers or a houseplant, this is a budget-friendly way to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Re-Organize Your Space
It may sound obvious, but re-organizing is a fantastic way to make your apartment feel fresh and new – and makes you feel good, too! Begin by focusing on one space at a time and removing all the clutter. Additionally, if you have a bookshelf or two in your space, these are always fun to re-organize since the opportunities to change the placement of small décor items are endless. It’s easy (and free) to switch up the aesthetic aspect of your shelves by colour coordination. Garage sales are also a great budget friendly way to swap out your small décor pieces for new ones.

Create a Gallery Wall
Creating a gallery wall is perfect for adding a focal point to your home. Support smaller artists and opt for creative photography or fun graphics from websites like Society6 and Etsy for price points as low as $12, or DIY with your own creative talents and print your own photos. Gallery frames can be found in budget-friendly packages that provide multiple layout options, making the styling potential truly limitless, and poster frames can also be sourced from craft stores as low as $10. Using double-sided wall stickers is a great solution for hanging your art and being able to remove to re-style easily, while avoiding any long-term wall damage.

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Switch Up Soft Furnishings
Whether in the bedroom, living space, or any other cozy nook, switching up the softer furnishings is another budget friendly way that has the power to transform an entire space. The more neutral your larger furniture pieces are, the more options you have for decorating with small items. A few brightly-coloured cushions or an updated duvet cover can refresh an entire room.

All it takes is a little vision, and some creativity to create an atmosphere you’ll never want to leave. We hope this blog has left you feeling inspired to switch up your apartment décor and spice up your space this spring!

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