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Osgoode Properties 2023 Recap: A Year of Residential Evolution - Osgoode Properties Blog

Osgoode Properties 2023 Recap: A Year of Residential Evolution

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As we get ready to step into 2024, we're reflecting on the construction projects that have helped redefine residential living for Osgoode Properties residents this past year. From elegant suite conversions to modern office upgrades and green initiatives, we're implementing changes and upgrading spaces to leave an indelible mark on our residential rentals.

Here are a few updates from this past year that we’re proud to share with our residents.

Platinum Suites Conversion in Ottawa for A Touch of Elegance

One of our standout projects this year is our Platinum Suites conversion, a collaboration with Capital Royal Renovations. The makeover has brought a touch of luxury to several of our Ottawa properties – Lincoln Park Tower, Parkway Towers, Lakeview Apartments, The Faircrest, and Riverton Park. Approximately 30 suites have been revamped to include new LED light fixtures, in-suite climate controls, stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops, new luxury vinyl plank flooring, new bathroom fixtures, and plumbing and electrical upgrades.

Lincoln Park Tower: Modern Rental Office Upgrade

The rental office at Lincoln Park Tower underwent an overhaul, introducing residents to the vision of the entire design team at Osgoode Properties. Interior colours were chosen to align with our brand identity; the upgraded office offers a modern solution that enhances the resident experience.

Juliana Apartments Balcony Project: Phase One of Renewal

In the first phase of the Juliana Apartments project, old balconies were replaced with new concrete pads and modern glass railings to improve structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. This ongoing endeavour, initiated in 2019, promises a revamped aesthetic for the building by May 2024.

Riverton Park: Balcony Upgrades and Green Initiatives

Over the past three years, Riverton Park has received a significant upgrade to the building’s balconies as well as the installation of electric vehicle chargers and a backup generator. These changes speak to Osgoode Properties’ commitment to green initiatives and providing residents with the tools needed to lead sustainable lifestyles.

Parkway Towers Canopy: Resolving Structural Concerns

The canopy at Parkway Towers underwent a vital upgrade to address structural issues. The improvements were both functional and aesthetic, as seen in the before and after photos below. The new canopy enhances safety and stability while refreshing the building’s visual identity to create a more inviting space for residents and visitors alike.

Common Area Renovations

The common areas at Pleasant Park, Lincoln Park Towers, and Richlin Apartments experienced a facelift this year, with upgrades including new lighting, carpet, and paint to create a fresh and modern atmosphere. Occupancy sensors were installed to detect when the space isn't being used, at which point the lights will turn off automatically to conserve energy.

Generator Project Upgrades: Powering Reliability

In an effort to ensure uninterrupted power supply and improve safety and convenience for residents, we have installed new generators at Riverside Towers, Lakeview Apartments, Le 700 St. Joseph, Kingsview Apartments, Le Salaberry Apartments, Pleasant Park, and The Oaks Apartments.

Fitness Room Updates For a Healthier Lifestyle

Exercise enthusiasts rejoice! We’ve upgraded the fitness rooms at Riverton Park, Brittany Drive Apartments, Richlin Apartments, Parkway Towers, Lincoln Park Tower, The Faircrest, and Le 700 St. Joseph. The fitness rooms feel bright and welcoming with new artwork and a fresh coat of paint, making it just a bit easier to get motivated to reach those 2024 fitness goals.

This year at Osgoode Properties we’ve not only focused on transforming our rental properties but also on reshaping the way our residents live and thrive in them. With efforts to include elements of luxury, sustainability, and modernity, we hope to enhance the comfort and living experience of all of our residents.

For more info on our commitment to helping our neighbours thrive, check out our 2022 construction roundup.

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